Academic Portfolio

PR 598 Improvisational Leadership

For my final presentation, I created a series of powerful posters to showcase my leadership style and abilities. The first poster, titled “Lead with Action, Not Volume!”, features a confident cricket delivering a speech to other insects, highlighting my ability to influence others despite not being the loudest in the room. The second poster, titled “Small Actions Make a Big Difference,” depicts a girl watering a small plant in a forest, emphasizing my consistency and attention to detail and how they lead to significant results over time. Lastly, the poster titled “Lead with Resilience” shows a silhouette of a determined man holding up a giant boot, representing my ability to persevere through adversity. These posters capture the essence of my leadership style, encouraging others to follow my lead in making an impact through action, dedication, and resilience.

PR 444 Lifestyle Public Relations

I created a Disney/theme-park-focused social media blog, drafting 8 blog posts and creating a detailed launch plan for the project. This project inspired me to follow through on my work and launch my social media blog titled A ‘Beary’ Good Time on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, gaining a following of nearly 13k, reaching 3.5 million views, and 416k likes across these social platforms. Read my blog posts here, or keep up with my blog’s social media here.

PR 525 Multimedia Content Creation for Brand Storytelling II: Midterm

I was tasked with creating a full social media and outdoor advertising campaign for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s seasonal drink collection. This consisted of billboard and social media advertisements using original photography and editing through Adobe Photoshop, as well as captions and a blog post. View the full midterm here.

PR 525 Multimedia Content Creation for Brand Storytelling II: Photo Advertisement Assignment

I was tasked with creating an advertising campaign for any brand, and I chose one of my favorite brands, Nike. Using original photography and editing through Photoshop, I created the advertisements below.

PR 524 Multimedia Content Creation for Brand Storytelling: Final Project

Point of View:

The “American Dream” is a myth that contributes to a culture that overworks and underpays people.

Point of Difference:

Money isn’t real, people are.

PR 537 Public Relations and Branding: Final Project

I created a purpose-driven campaign from Disney Parks’ perspective to respond to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This campaign culminated in a purpose-driven platform and accompanying video.

Disney Parks Final by Albert

PR 535 Persuasive Writing: Midterm Op-Ed

PR 535 Persuasive Writing: Favorite Brand Writing Assignment