My path to the field of public relations and advertising began in an unusual way – with a pair of shoes named Tiffany. This was no ordinary pair, but a unique collaboration between Nike and the skateboard company, Diamond Supply Co., known as the Nike Dunk SB High or ‘Tiffany’. The entrepreneurial journey I embarked on by reselling these shoes became an unexpected gateway to my career in marketing and public relations.

This newfound passion propelled me into diverse experiences, including orchestrating on-campus film-screening programs with Ducks After Dark at the University of Oregon, co-founding Club Clout LLC, and contributing my skills to the Super Bowl LVI Social Media Command Center. At Bob Gold & Associates, I managed a portfolio of clients in tech-focused industries, strategized and executed successful PR campaigns, and wrote diverse PR materials. This broad exposure has not only honed my professional skills but also reinforced my dedication to this field.

As I progressed in my career, it became increasingly evident that the realms of public relations and marketing have a significant journey ahead when it comes to social and environmental responsibility. Brands possess the power to not only highlight critical issues and initiate discussions but also to instigate tangible change. Among all the projects I’ve participated in, the most fulfilling has been supporting local and diverse businesses through USC’s Trojan Shop Local Program. Witnessing firsthand the profound impact our efforts had on the local community solidified my belief that organizations can, and should, strive to make a positive difference.